23 November 2017

It was brought to my attention that the description I used  when describing Richard III had come from Rous and not from More. I admit I fell into one of my own classic blunders while I was writing.

When one is passionate about a topic, or person or event and reads about them from so many sources, it is difficult to keep them straight. My apologies for the mis-information.

My goal for this blog was not to chastise one side or the other, but to present what I have discovered, my own observations from what has been presented by others.

I am passionate about certain times and events.  I thoroughly enjoy learning about the 15th century and the Wars of the Roses, but I do not approach the topic necessarily from an historian’s viewpoint.  So my views on the subject of Richard III is frequently from a more emotionally charged angle. Much as I try to keep my emotions out of it, I am not entirely successful.

I am not always successful to contain my bias on some aspects of this history, and I admit that. Sometimes, this makes it easier for me to continue to read both sides of the argument, albeit painful at times. I continue to read, sneer and twitch over certain phrasings and theories, however, I use the information to balance the side I have chosen simply because I want to know as much as I can.


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