King Richard III and the book trade

Interesting information about the book trade. I remember reading something about this before. Time to go back to my notes *quickly dives into the mass of files and papers*

The Order of the White Boar

Posting yesterday about The Order of the White Boar being available on Blurb led me to an interesting point about King Richard and his attitudes and achievements.
While setting up the listing on Blurb, I saw a notification saying ‘VAT will be added to the total at the checkout.’ My immediate thought was ‘But there’s no VAT on books.’ Then, ‘Should I reduce the list price so the buyer pays no more than the normal price?’
I checked. There is of course no VAT on books, as there isn’t on children’s clothes, most foods and various other items. So it worried me slightly that potential buyers might be put off by thinking that the final price would be higher than £6.99. It won’t be.
This extra tax levied on bought goods presumably isn’t used to tax books because, as they are educational, as well as entertaining, they are far too…

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