Launch day for ‘The King’s Man’!

The date has finally arrived! 🍾🎉

The Order of the White Boar

I’m delighted to announce that ‘The King’s Man’ is now available on Amazon worldwide!
The Kindle ebook is published and the paperback will also be available on Amazon very soon (though Amazon tells me it may take a day or two to tie them in together… as soon as I have the link, I’ll post it here)
The ebook is also available FREE to anyone signed up to Kindle Unlimited, as is that of its predecessor ‘The Order of the White Boar’.
If you buy and enjoy ‘The King’s Man’, please consider posting a review on both your home Amazon site and the US site (if it’s not your home country and you’re able to) – and also on GoodReads if you’re a member. Reviews are vital for independent authors in particular, and especially when a book is newly published.

And don’t forget to come along to the virtual launch…

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