Five years ago today … and a special celebration offer

What a wonderful way to celebrate!


The Order of the White Boar

Five years ago today, the world held its breath as a press conference got underway in Leicester, a smallish city in the English Midlands.

Well, I held my breath anyway, and from the reaction at the end, it appeared that plenty of other people had too.

For several months, since two previous press conferences in the city in August and September 2012 – the first to announce an archaeological dig, the second to proclaim that a grave had been found on that dig – I’d been waiting for what I rationally knew would be announced. Because everything pointed to the same conclusion, even if some of us (well, me anyway) preferred to wait for the science of DNA analysis to confirm it.

And that conclusion was, of course, that the grave of King Richard III had been found – ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.


The press conference erupted into applause, #RichardIII began…

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